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New Ownership of Digital Solutions Company BuildingOnline

BuildingOnline 2.0

Pensacola, FL: On August 15, 2018, Luke Infinger and Justin Hual, business growth experts and founders of leading healthcare marketing agency HIP Creative, have taken ownership of BuildingOnline. BuildingOnline, founded in 1995, is an agency dedicated to custom design solutions geared towards the building industry. This changeover marks a significant milestone, giving the company a younger and fresher outlook in a business model where innovation is key.

“As we move forward into the next decade of the internet, BuildingOnline is transitioning and handing off the reigns to Justin and Luke in terms of taking care of our clients on a daily basis,” said Alan Wickstrom, the founder of BuildingOnline. “It was a great partnership and we’ve worked together for several years now…. And as we transition from BuildingOnline 1.0, we’re going to BuildingOnline 2.0.” This change of ownership is exciting news for the business’s clients, as Luke and Justin’s team are a highly specialized group that brings forward a young and powerful energy.

Luke and Justin first partnered together with BuildingOnline working for a mutual client, Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB). The two agencies were able to collaborate and combine valuable market expertise to provide a more robust and effective service model for SPIB. “We’ve been very, very pleased…. They’re fulfilling all our needs and it’s like service with a smile,” said Steve Singleton, President of SPIB.

Luke and Justin are marketing strategy experts in the healthcare space, but also have extensive experience marketing to various industries such as retail, manufacturing, and the building industry. Having successfully handled a diverse portfolio of clients, Luke and Justin’s ownership of BuildingOnline presents exciting new opportunities for the building sector.

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